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Memory Stages

Posted in Personal/Blogging Stuff by mandodong on March 15, 2010

Actually, we have three different types of memories. Is may litter sensory memory which involve sensory impressions, or short term memory which puts a memory into some form that is relevant to the individual or long term memory where the information is stored permanently.

Sensory memory stage, where your senses are automatically gathering  information even you are not aware of it. Your senses of sight smell, touch, hearing involves in this stage. For example, you read this article and the same time you smell something, and you may also hear some noise while touching some object.

But the important information for you will quickly move to your short-term memory. It’s where you focus your attention. In your short – term memory stage, after you successfully capture the information, you send it to your short term memory in a manner of visual, auditory or motion in which you are comfortable with. Holding on to the information so it doesn’t fade  away. But too much information balanced at the same time, the information may bumped out and lost.


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Posted in Personal/Blogging Stuff by mandodong on March 8, 2010

What is the ability of a resistor? Actually, the resistor are the most commonly used device in electronic components. It is a device that limits or resists current. Its resistance is measured in  “ohms”. It is represented by the Greek symbol Omega.

Most of the resistors have “fixed” values, but some have controlled resistance. It is measured in VOM or by color coding or in abbreviations.In color coding of a four band resistor, the first two colors are the first and the second digit, the third is its multiplier and the 4th is its Tolerance.

In five band resistors, The first three colors are the first, second and the third digit. The 4th is its multiplier and the 5th is its tolerance. The resistor color values are : (more…)

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Posted in Personal/Blogging Stuff by mandodong on March 3, 2010

An electric fan needs a large amount of electrons is order of function. What device do they use in order to provide the necessary electrons? They use CAPACITORS.

Capacitor is an electronic device that stores  electrons. It is made up of two conductors separated by an insulator , or dielectric. A capacitor is measured in “Farads”. But one farad is already a huge amount of electrons to be exact. So they usually measure capacitors in microfarads or picrofarads. A one picofarads is equal to 0.000000000001 Farad, and one microfarad is equal to 0.000001 Farad.

Capacitors may either Non-polarized capacitor, polarized capacitor, variable capacitor or either Trimmer Capacitor. a Non-polarized capacitor is a capacitor that can be connected in anyway we can desire, for there is no positive or either negative. It may use as a filter to block PC signals but to pass AC signals. Polarized Capacitor is a capacitor that stores electric charge. It has positive and negative so it should be connected in a correct way. It can also be used as a filter to block DC signals but to pass AC signals. A variable capacitor is a capacitor which can be vary its capacitance by moving the plates. It is commonly used in a radio turner. Trimmer capacitor is designed to be set when the circuit is made and then left without further adjustment. Capacitor come in different variety. (more…)